UNION is a premier gym Sacramento. We offer boxing inspired group fitness classes and Buti yoga.  Come check us out. We're here for the everyday baddass that wants to work hard, look good, and have fun during their workouts. We bring the party, you bring your fists. No experience is necessary, just heart, passion, and fight.

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Glove up and gas out for 10 (3) minute rounds with timed, full body conditioning drills in between rounds. We breakdown a simple 6 shot punching system that anyone can learn and teach buildable combos for the most intense cardio workout you have ever experienced. Only 45 minutes of intense boxing and conditioning work that will leave you winded and accomplished. We want you to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. 

Check out our AQUA TRAINING BAGS. They are specially designed, tear-drop style, water-filled punching bags. They are designed to absorb impact and to protect the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. 

Our Playlists are special mashups by Dj Cobra and DJ Ivans. Music is the pulse of your workout and can make or break your mood. We want you training like Rocky in here...  We've got you covered. 



Step ups and hip thrusters

We believe the best way to train the glute muscles is to specifically isolate and target them. Aside from the aesthetic pursuit, strong hips and glutes are required to be a heavy hitter. In this fusion class of boxing and targeted backside work we will target the three glute groups for the strongest derrière.




™COREsculpt is a popular mat workout set to loud upbeat music. Flow through a power vinyasa sequence, pausing for reps and sets with 5lb weights. This is a low impact training (LIT) practice that perfectly compliments our boxing classes. Sign up today.